Tanya Graduated in 2005 from the Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy, one of the most rigorous and best accredited massage schools in North America. Since completing her massage training, Tanya has added to her repertoire of skills, including training in cranial, sacral, and advanced myofascial therapies. Wellness and healthcare are largely a priority in Tanya’s life and practice. She is passionate about supporting the wellness of her clients through her knowledge of the body — using assessment tools, massage, special manual techniques, and patient education to provide an effective treatment plan. Tanya enjoys working with patients of all ages with any type of condition, but has special interest in chronic pain, injuries, headaches, stress management/relaxation, and prenatal clients.

Tanya works at a therapeutic level that respects the unique needs of each patient, while delivering treatment in a relaxing, comfortable fashion. In 2020, Tanya completed the 5 year academic program at The Canadian School of Osteopathy manual practice.

When not in the clinic or classroom, Tanya finds joy in spending time with her family, staying healthy in the gym and on the tennis court.

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Sharon is a Kelowna local, born and raised. After dealing with chronic pain and injuries sustained from car accidents, Sharon sought many different therapies and was impressed with the results and relief she got from massage therapy. She connected with the compassionate and empathetic approach that massage therapy provided as well as the dramatic physical changes she encountered, greatly improving her quality of life.

Sharon is passionate about helping others and believes in a holistic approach to healing. Having developed an interest in studying massage, she decided to follow her passion by enrolling in the Okanagan Valley School of Massage Therapy, from which she graduated in 2018. Sharon is experienced in applying a variety of techniques including Swedish and deep tissue massage, trigger point release, and myofascial techniques. She has made it a goal to empower clients by not only facilitating their recovery, but also by helping them to understand what is going on, what massage can do to help, and what they can do for themselves.


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Emily is an RMT who is deeply driven to encourage, educate and empower her patients on their own diverse journey of seeking health. It is important to her to have a thorough understanding of her patients, from their goals and concerns to their anatomical/ pathological presentation, to create the most effective and individualized treatment plan. Emily views the body as a whole and her goal is to get to the root of the pain rather than mask the presenting symptom. She enjoys integrating her knowledge of the human body through effective assessment, treatment and homecare all while providing an area of safe space and serenity for her clients. When she is not in the clinic you can find her at the dance studio where she is continuing her lifelong passion of dance, practicing yoga or on the search for an adventure whether that be hiking, camping or kayaking.

Clinical Focus: Visceral Manipulation, Myofascial Release


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