Prenatal Massage

Registered massage therapists provide safe, nurturing care to expecting mothers. Prenatal massage can help ease the physical discomforts and emotional challenges often associated with pregnancy, promoting a sense of well-being and relaxation. Pregnancy massage can also help provide relief of headaches, sciatic pain, leg cramps and swelling, low back pain, hip pain, and more. Homecare exercises, stretches and techniques specifically for prenatal patients are provided to help women maintain progress between treatments.

During postpartum, changes continue within the body, both emotionally and physically. Massage therapy can help facilitate the transitions after the birthing process by providing massage therapy and homecare exercises to assist in restoring the body to its pre-pregnancy condition.

At Lotus Massage Therapy, we use pregnancy pillows made specifically for expecting mothers that will allow mothers to lie on their stomach during treatment. With these pillows a pregnant woman can receive treatment while lying on her tummy safely and comfortably until her due date.

Baby Massage Classes

Baby massage is a special time for both parent and child. Providing your baby with regular massage has many benefits including aiding in the bonding process, promoting better sleeping patterns, providing relief for gas, constipation, teething and colic. Lotus Massage Therapy offers lessons to parents on how to provide a gentle, nurturing massage to their little ones. Specific techniques are shown that can help with gas pains and constipation at home.

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30 Minute Clinical Visit — $60
45 Minute Clinical Visit — $85
60 Minute Clinical Visit — $110
75 Minute Clinical Visit — $140
90 Minute Clinical Visit — $170

MSP/ICBC ~ $25.85 including GST for 30 minutes