Massage Therapy

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Lotus Massage Therapy provides professional hands-on therapy that benefits many body systems, and can be an integral part of your healing process.

Whether your preference is deep tissue work or relaxation massage, each patient’s tolerance level is considered to maintain your every comfort. Our therapists can adapt their pressure to range from deep therapeutic massage to light non-invasive techniques.

Clinical time includes: Interview, Assessment, Treatment, and Patient Education (home care exercises/stretches).

We Direct Bill for extended health via Telus Health or Pacific Blue Cross. Check out our direct billing page at the top bar for a list of all extended health companies we bill for. LOTUS MASSAGE THERAPY IS ACCREDITED FOR ICBC CLAIMS BUT NOT ALL THERAPISTS DIRECT BILL FOR ICBC. PLEASE INQUIRE FIRST BEFORE BOOKING ICBC. Please be aware that neither Sharon or Emily accept ICBC patients that require direct billing.

fax: 250.451.9837


30 Minute Clinical Visit — $65
45 Minute Clinical Visit — $90
60 Minute Clinical Visit — $115
75 Minute Clinical Visit — $145
90 Minute Clinical Visit — $165